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Generally, one would associate a concept, an idea or innovation with a new gadget or mechanical tool. We stress that concepts can be also in the realm of pure mathematics, pure arts.. even travel tips and have especially precious value when they are geared towards social change for the better or eradication of hunger, curbing of wastage or reduction in use of resources. For example: concepts towards changing the mindset of peoples re their inherent distrust / fear / even hatred of people 'no more


Old Movies Must Release Again

9/19/2020 4:13:12 PM Filed under Entertainment.
Posted by B Sreekar Chandan
Old Movies Must Release Again-Posted By:B Sreekar Chandan

Old Movies Must Release Again-Posted By:B Sreekar Chandan
We see many movie fans around us. The movie Industry witnesses rival between DC and Marvel always. They produce feature films where the fans enjoy seeing the superheroes on the big screen. The big screen has always remained the favorite way to watch movies. But this changed for a few years.

After the arrival of Ott platforms, many movies miss their big-screen release and directly come on to the digital screens. Many love to see movies at home. Do you know, still there are people who love to w... more
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