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Generally, one would associate a concept, an idea or innovation with a new gadget or mechanical tool. We stress that concepts can be also in the realm of pure mathematics, pure arts.. even travel tips and have especially precious value when they are geared towards social change for the better or eradication of hunger, curbing of wastage or reduction in use of resources. For example: concepts towards changing the mindset of peoples re their inherent distrust / fear / even hatred of people 'no more


Courage to Collect VAT/Sales Tax

12/5/2012 2:07:15 AM Filed under Politics.
Posted by J.D.
Courage to Collect VAT/Sales Tax-Posted By:J.D.

Courage to Collect VAT/Sales Tax-Posted By:J.D.
It is said that seven-eights of goods sold in India are bereft of proper tax collection processes.

The beneficiaries are the tax collectors and the shop-keepers. The customer may sense an immediate gratification by a moderately reduced cost from the Maximum Retail Price allowed (as in the case of hardware items) and be unconsciously pulled into this circle of social evil. At times, such as in the case of chemists, the prices are rounded up to over the Maximum Retail Price. Charging a cust... more
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