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Generally, one would associate a concept, an idea or innovation with a new gadget or mechanical tool. We stress that concepts can be also in the realm of pure mathematics, pure arts.. even travel tips and have especially precious value when they are geared towards social change for the better or eradication of hunger, curbing of wastage or reduction in use of resources. For example: concepts towards changing the mindset of peoples re their inherent distrust / fear / even hatred of people 'no more

Social Change - Self Sufficient Village

12/11/2012 4:19:33 AM Filed under Corporate Social Responsiblity.
Posted by J.D.
Social Change - Self Sufficient Village-Posted By: J.D.

Social Change - Self Sufficient Village-Posted By: J.D.
A great number of persons from villages are migrating to the cities for sake of 'a better life' or 'a better life style'.

And if you look at the cities, for example in India, they are turning out to be one big garbage dump, full of rubble left over from shoddily 'completed' civic works. There is evidence of squalor everywhere.

Would it be possible for NGOs to 'adopt' one village at a time and try to make them self sufficient. Show them audio visuals of the poor workmanship and squalor in the cities in comparison with near perfect execution of work and civic sense in other parts of the world and convince the people to instead of migrating to the cities, contribute by systematically making their village a self sufficient model.

Show them for example, that it is important when laying out a new path or road, to ensure that the product is planned well and as importantly, executed well (exact monies worth, eliminating corruption in the form of monetary compensation for ignoring shabby work or simple laziness in cross-checking by concerned authorities). The concept is to have the villagers imbibe a feeling that since all are either beneficiaries or sufferers, all are responsible for the public jobs being completed well. The path or road has to be levelled, banked, under and over surfaced well and then maintained in a clean and neat manner.

Explore and tap into their strengths and skills. Assist them to sharpen and pool their talents. For example, a village may have a surfeit of raw material for cane furniture and are adept to expand to artifacts. Find suitable markets for them, eliminating middlemen as far as possible.

How, by growing a few high yield potted/small-backyard plot vegetables like tomatoes, the monies saved contribute towards monies earned.

The sky is the limit for suggestions and methods for fine tuning the 'way of life' in the village to make its inhabitants self-sustaining and enjoy a far better life style than the growing squalor in the big cities.

What say you?
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Anonymous from IP Says:
Posted By:Anonymous from IP
very good thots, great...
as you rightelly said, NGOs should adopt one village and guid them. our family is woking on this concept.
we are doing vidyut swalamban, anna swavlamban, vastra swalamban, shikshan swalamban and swastha swalamban.
we generate 15 KVA electricity from cow dunk, we grow 100% organic farm produce with that we do food processing with local villagers, we grow cotton and then make therds on gandhi charkha and we have naturopathy center and we conduct verious camps and workshop related to basic education like our value system, culture etc.
MR Avinash M jogdand
Saraswati Agrotech Farm (Ahinsatirth Amkheda)
10/29/2013 7:26:18 AM
Anonymous from IP Says:
Posted By:Anonymous from IP
Strahoten blog! Pri tezi podrobni onnibeqsq za receptite, nqma kak da ne se poluchat dobre dori i ot nachinaeshti v kuhnqta! A tazi recepta izklyuchitelno mnogo mi dopadna barzo, lesno, vkusno i zdravoslovno! Pozdravi i mnogo tvorcheski uspehi!
2/24/2013 5:43:21 AM

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